Nautical Emergency Response Center

The US Coast Guard Auxiliary,
Ithaca Power Squadron,
Tompkins County Sheriff's Department,
NYS Parks Police,
and The Ithaca Fire Department

view from the Inlet
The NERC Feasibility Study began with the agencies listed above that serve the marine community in Tompkins County. These agencies share a common mission to educate the public about marine safety. Additionally, they provide services broadly defined as law enforcement and rescue services, with each agency specializing in a particular aspect of one of these operations. Due to their complementary goals, these agencies are able to share workspaces, including office, classroom, a public base of operation, and docking facilities.

A combination of professional emergency personnel and trained volunteers provide marine emergency services. The agencies are interdependent, yet span various areas of expertise, interest, training, and equipment. Cayuga Lake is shared by a variety of user groups, including rowers, personal watercraft sports enthusiasts, sailors, and motor boaters. These groups enjoy recreational activities on the lake, and expect a reasonable level of emergency services to be available, preferably in a seamless manner.

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The Feasibility Study is
available for download, by section, here:
1. Preface
2. Objectives
3. Summary Narrative
4. Drawings
5. Estimate
6. Appendix

Design features include a roof look-out, assembly spaces below,
functional offices and classrooms, as well as a public walkthrough
separate from the office circulation.